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Why Carrot?

Meet the growing demand for employee fertility benefits

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More than ever, employees want options for pursuing parenthood. Carrot delivers:


Global coverage


Cost savings


Inclusive benefits

Flexible fertility coverage for global companies

Our platform combines a knowledge base of over 100,000 cultural, legal, financial, and medical data points with an expert care team to ensure benefits parity for your global workforce.
Countries in our global provider network — and we're constantly adding more
Clinics that have met our strict clinical and regulatory qualifications

Healthcare cost savings & improved employee retention

reduction in maternal and neonatal healthcare costs as a result of managed fertility care
of Carrot members would stay longer at their employer because of Carrot
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Support for all pursuits of parenthood

Carrot covers fertility planning, pregnancy, donor-assisted and third-party reproduction, IVF, adoption, gestational carriers (surrogacy), and more.
of LGBTQ+ people expect to use assisted reproductive technology, foster care, or adoption to become parents1
of adults say they’d switch jobs to gain fertility benefits2
1 LGBTQ Family Building Survey by Family Equality Council
2 Infertility in America 2015 Survey and Report by Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey

See why global companies like Box and Stripe are choosing Carrot for fertility benefits

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What our members are saying
"You have been so fabulous in helping me with my adoption process. You guys helpful and quick to respond. I'm so lucky to have you as a resource."
“Reimbursement of my expenses was the easiest part of using Carrot. Submitting claims was super simple and confirmation was immediate. Everything with Carrot was seamless.”
Rachel D.
“Freezing my eggs has been an emotional journey. The Carrot team — I loved the mental health counselor — has been super supportive. If my company didn't use Carrot, I’m not sure what I would have done — Carrot has really changed my life.”
“This is an amazing benefit to offer individuals. For someone who may have never had an opportunity to start a family otherwise, I am beyond grateful for Carrot."
“For a gay couple like my partner and I, it’s especially important. A perk like this makes you feel included. It makes you feel like you’re an important part of the organization.”
William P.
“Fertility benefits are a vital benefit. I feel even more supported that my company not only cares about me wanting to grow my family but that they have prioritized it.”
Rachel D.
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