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Carrot makes fertility benefits affordable and accessible to all

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carrot proudly provides benefits for THESE business leaders
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Custom benefit plans for IVF, pregnancy, adoption, and more

With flexible plan designs and a global network of fertility care providers, Carrot can help you avoid nearly 70% of high-cost pregnancies.
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Reduction in maternal and neonatal healthcare costs with Carrot
Average savings for employees who use Carrot partners for preferred pricing
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Global fertility benefits to support your employees

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Global provider network

All of our 2,700+ clinics in 50+ countries have met rigorous clinical standards.
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Unrivaled cost transparency

No hidden fees. No third-party reimbursements when employees receive care.
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Inclusive benefits for all parenthood paths

Carrot supports IVF, adoption, gestational carriers (surrogacy), pregnancy, and more.
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Carrot Rx

Unparalleled cost savings and premium 24/7 support for fertility medications.

Carrot Card®: the easiest way to pay for fertility care

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See how Carrot fertility benefits can transform your company

Get answers and find out how a flexible, customizable fertility benefits plan can help you attract and retain employees.