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Simplify the complex world of fertility

Help employees navigate fertility care, procedures, and medications.
Offer inclusive fertility benefits for all employees worldwide.
Support all paths to parenthood, including adoption and donor-assisted reproduction.
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Financial and benefit administration

Get fast, trouble-free processing of claims and reimbursements, plus custom reports on enrollment, engagement, and costs.
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Global provider network

With 2,700+ clinics in 50+ countries, employees get care from providers that meet strict clinical and regulatory qualifications.
Carrot Care Team

Carrot Care Team

Lean on our team of global benefits experts and fertility clinicians to support your employees on their journey.
Carrot Care Team

Carrot Card®

The easiest way for employees to access their benefit and pay for services, without the stress of out-of-pocket payments.

The most comprehensive global platform for clinically managed fertility care

Care Navigation
real time live support
Real-time live support
educational content book
Personalized guidance
access to specialists
Access to specialists
star on shield
And much more...
Fertility Planning
fertility initial consultation
Initial consultation
lab testing
Lab testing
diagnostic procedures
Diagnostic procedures
Reproductive Technology
medications fertility supplements
egg sperm retrieval
Egg/sperm retrieval
egg sperm freezing
And much more...
X/Y gamete donation and transport
Gamete donation and transport
Adoption Services
adoption agency fees
Agency fees
legal fees
Legal fees
travel airplane
Gestational* carrier support
adoption agency fees
Agency fees
legal fees
Legal fees
travel airplane
reproductive technology
Reproductive technology
egg sperm bank fees
Egg/sperm bank fees
*commonly known as surrogacy
Carrot Pregnancy
support from doulas or midwives
Support from doulas/midwives
educational content book
Educational content
yoga or meditation classes
Yoga/meditation classes
lactation consultants
Access to lactation consultants
Carrot Rx
medications fertility supplements
Fertility medications and supplements
24/7 clinician support
24/7 clinician support
free delivery
Free delivery

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Design your fertility benefits plan and launch right away

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Flexible design

We’ll design a plan that works for your company and existing benefits. Introduce or adjust plan your plan at any time.

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No hidden fees

Pricing is straightforward: transparent, annual fees that scale as your business grows.

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No admin headaches

Carrot handles administration of claims, reimbursements, and more. Plus, we'll help you launch your plan globally.