Back on My Feet

Back on My Feet is a national nonprofit organization that combats homelessness through the power of running, community support, employment, and housing resources. We sat down with Natalie Robichaud to learn more about how they brought Carrot’s flexible fertility benefits to their employees.

What’s it like managing benefits at Back on My Feet?

Since we’re a nonprofit, we have a lean operation — I manage our benefits strategy and day-to-day administration. We do want to make sure we’re taking great care of our people, though, so I work with our CEO and CFO to see how we can add to our benefits package every year.

Like many nonprofits, a large portion of Back on My Feet’s workforce is on the younger side. But we also have employees who have been with the organization since it started in 2007. And across both of those groups, we have an incredibly diverse group of people spread across 13 different cities. So, our big focus areas in benefits are retention and making sure what we’re offering works for everyone.

What got you to start thinking about fertility benefits?

Some of the states where we’re located were considering laws that would mandate employer-sponsored fertility coverage, so we started investigating the options available. Our CEO Katy Sherratt has always been very dedicated to giving our employees the best benefits we can, so we decided to offer it to everyone — whether it was mandated or not. And that eventually led us to Carrot.

It’s so important to have someone who can point [employees] in the right direction ... and that’s Carrot.

What was implementation like with Carrot?

It was incredibly easy. All I had to do was upload an eligibility file to the Carrot website, and they took care of the rest.

Back on My Feet set up their Carrot benefit so that employees receive a larger benefit for each year they’ve been with the company. What led to that decision?

Turnover is always on the higher end at small nonprofits. We hire many younger people that stay with the company an average of one to two years. Part of our hope in adding a tiered plan was to help with retention, especially in young people who are hoping to start families. And so far, the feedback from our employees has been overwhelmingly positive.

What are your employees saying about their experiences with Carrot?

Across the board, I’m being told that it’s easy to use and a great benefit. The experience of going through fertility care or adoption rolls over into the work environment, and productivity can fall as a result. Having something like this keeps people engaged in the organization. One of our employees recently used it to facilitate an adoption, which is something that could have been prohibitively expensive and time-consuming otherwise. And even among our employees who haven’t used it so far, they’ve expressed that they’re happy our organization has it — knowing it’s available to our employees who need it really speaks to what Back on My Feet as an organization stands for.

How would you describe Carrot to other benefits leaders?

Carrot is an amazing benefit for any type of organization, especially if you have a diverse workforce and culture. It keeps your employees knowledgeable about fertility and reproductive health. Anytime an employee is going through the unknown, it’s so important to have someone who can counsel and point them in the right direction who has expertise and empathy about what they’re going through — and that’s Carrot.

And on the business side, Carrot is a great organization and a great partner. The team we work with genuinely cares about our employees. They make sure all of our questions are getting answered. They proactively create webinars and other resources to help our employees navigate the world of fertility. Everybody is friendly and easy to talk to. Carrot is so flexible and willing to work with us to make things work. The flexibility and customization is really incredible.

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